Forrest Gump’s Guide to Financial Freedom

forrest-gumps-guide-to-financial-freedomWhat does a movie have to do with financial freedom? Well, have you ever looked at a movie and just wonder where in the world do they come up with these ideas? Sometimes it can be a bad thing, (like Battlefield Earth) and sometimes it can be good. (Like Gone With The Wind) When it is good, it usually is really good and that’s what we are going to talk about today. One of the good ones… Only, this is not a movie review but a look at financial freedom in a different way. Today we are going to listen to Forrest Gump. One thing that we all can agree on about Forrest is that he thinks in simple terms and does not try to be someone that he is not. The same is true for how we should look at our finances. We should keep it simple and never try to be someone that we are not! So, let’s get started and see what nuggets Forrest has for us today.



“Stupid is as stupid does.”

There I was, sitting at the dinning room table staring down at a piles of bills that covered the whole table. I had tallied every bill 3 times in disbelief. Somehow, our income was less than our outgoing. Now, it didn’t happen overnight so I shouldn’t have been all that surprised, but nonetheless, there I sat in shock as I realized for the first time in my life that my wife and I were doomed. And it was all my fault… If I had listened that umpteen million times that my wife said, “We don’t need this…” or, “We can pay cash for some of this stuff” I was pretty sure I never would have been sitting at that table, in shock wondering where had it all went wrong.

That has been some time ago and I can now comfortably say that I was a walking example of this quote from Forrest! The only reason we were in this mess is because of my stupidity. I was blinded by the sparkle of fast credit and easy financing terms. What a sucker… I thought I had it all under control and was pretty proud of myself at first. “Look at me… A financial powerhouse!” Why… they wouldn’t loan me the money if they didn’t think I was good for it… I had it bad. All the while my loving wife, we were newly married at the time, just tried to show me the error of my ways but it was no use. She just didn’t have the jackhammer that it took to get through to my brain.

Thinking about that time also reminds me of another quote from A Tale Of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” While I look back on that time and can remember the sinking feeling in my stomach, I can also remember that it was there where my thirst for financial freedom was born. Before that I had no inkling of what it was to be financially free but since, I have found a clear picture of what it means for my wife and I to be free from debt of any kind. It started as a small smouldering flicker and has grown into a roaring bonfire wanting to consume every bit of debt until it is extenguished!

“My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Years ago, my wife and I were in an MLM. I got involved because I saw an opportunity to make anywhere from a side income up to a full -time income. What I got out of that experience was an education. While we never made a million dollars in that MLM, I was exposed to some very excellent training. And the biggest gain was in the form of a mind shift. I learned to stop thinking like a consumer and to start thinking like an owner. If I wanted to be a successful owner I needed to get this debt thing in check, so I set out to find out how to do it. Lucky for me I had great mentors and some of them are still my mentors today. They taught me a lifetime’s worth of lessons that I am still working on to this day.

I can not stress the importance of an education. Not so much of the college kind. While that is OK, what I am talking about are life lessons that you learn by being in the trenches. Things that they don’t teach you in school… Like The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. Oh my goodness! The first time I read that book I almost threw it across the room on several occasions because it made me so mad! Then after reading it a second time, I felt sorry for myself and everyone else because we were never taught this stuff in high school, and I firmly believe it should be… If you haven’t read it, get it and read it. If you have already read it, read it again! It took me several times before I understood completely what I needed to know. The moral of this story, if there is one would be if an opportunity presents itself, take a closer look. You may just realize like I did that you can get more out of it than at first you thought.

“Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.”

When we first started down this road to financial freedom, I quickly found that I didn’t have the right tools. I had a shed full of gardening tools, but my financial shed looked like it belonged to Ole’ Mother Hubbard. It was bare!

So, in summary let me leave you with this small starter list. It will give you a thumb view of what you may need. This is just an overview. Maybe at a later time we can go into this list in depth.

Also, speaking of later, I want to go through in detail how My wife and I paid off over $42,000 in credit card debt in less than 3 years. I’ve talked to people who say they have done better than that and I’m sure they have, but I can assure you this method that we used was not a shuffle game that I have seen promoted out on the web in so many other places. The method that we used is doable by everyone and will leave you in a great spot. Anyway, here is that short starter list:

Financial Freedom Starter List
1. You must recognize where you are (and for us guys, admit HOW we got there 😉 )

2. Understand that you MUST CHANGE if you want things to change

3. Get an on the job education in debt reduction (Read, read and read some more!)

4. Seek out good sound advice from someone who has done what you want to do. (Without sounding too stuck on ourselves, You can find that here… 😉 But search other places and peoples as well)

5. Build and execute your plan

It is probably not a coincidence that the starter list has 5 steps in it since our Debt Free Lifestyle Method has 5 steps as well. While they are not the same 5 steps, this starter list is designed to help you do just that, which is… Get started!!

And with that, I’ll leave you with one last quote from Forrest Gump:

“That’s all I have to say about that.”      😉


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