4 Simple Steps To Earning $12,500 Per Month

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4 Simple Steps To Earning $12,500 Per Month!

100% Commissions

100% Commissions

Yes, I know this sounds crazy and insane but I am about to explain to you over the next few minutes how you can earn $12,500 per month and really, a whole lot more!

First off let me say that this is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme… If you notice in the title that I DID say “EARN”… That means you actually have to do some work! It isn’t splitting rocks or concrete everyday, but it IS a bit of work so the get rich quick crowd can exit right here…

Ok… now that they are gone, I can tell you the work isn’t really all that difficult… What we are going to discuss today are the 4 simple steps you can start taking TODAY to start making your way toward $12,500 per month. The way we are going to do that is by using the EMPOWER NETWORK marketing system to do all the heavy lifting for us.

The Empower Network is a marketing system created by David Wood and David Sharpe and pays out an unbelievable 100% COMMISSIONS!!!  Yes, you read that right… 100% COMMISSIONS!!! I’ll leave all the technical details on how they do this to them and you can follow this link to get more info:


Ok, so all that is GREAT information but what are the 4 simple steps we are talking about? I mean we have to do SOMETHING to make this thing work so what is it?? Well, here they are:

Step 1: Set up an EMPOWER NETWORK account.

This IS a bit technical but I promise, it will be the ONLY tech thing you will need to do but if you follow the directions you will be able to complete this step fairly easily. If I can do it you can too. 🙂

Step 2: Blog once a day.

The basic membership on EMPOWER NETWORK uses a blogging system. The blog is already created for you so all you need to do is create new posts every day. This couldn’t be any easier… Just log in, and start writing…  And you can blog about anything you want. Do you have a primary business that you want to promote? awesome go for it! How about a killer recipe? Put it out there…. The point is, just blog once a day.

STEP 3: Market every day.

No matter your form of marketing, whether it is pay per click, article writing, facebook ad campaigns, etc… You need to do it everyday. Being consistent on these 4 steps will mean lot’s of commissions for you but this one in particular will pay off the most. You can write every day but if no one sees it then what good is it going to do? If the traffic doesn’t come then you won’t make any sales and that is what we are looking for on our way to $12,500 per month.

STEP 4: Help your new members start correctly

Every one of us had to start somewhere and we all need help so it is extremely important that you help your new members get set up and started right. Give them a quick call and introduce yourself. Ask them if they have any questions then walk them through EMPOWER NETWORKS’ Fast Start videos and make sure they have followed all the steps they need to do to get going. They will do what you do so you need to guide them. Lead by example.

So, how can the 4 steps above lead you to $12,500 per month when they are really kinda generic? Well, I’m about to get pretty specific for you… You see, EMPOWER NETWORK has several membership levels. The first is their BASIC membership and it gives you access to their blogging network. Actually you are looking at it right now… Looks pretty good doesn’t it? Just think… I didn’t have to configure one thing… All I did was sit down and start writing.

The next level of membership for EMPOWER NETWORK is called the Inner Circle and with this membership level you will receive cutting edge training from some of the top marketers in the industry. You can turn around and use these training techniques to grow your primary business or you could also use it to increase the traffic to your EMPOWER NETWORK blog… Either way, this training is what’s working now, nuts and bolts. Real good stuff there.

Ok, so let’s get to the money. That’s what most people want to know anyway, right?

Basic membership = $25

Inner Circle Membership = $100

Total = $125

This IS a membership as I mentioned so it is a reocurring monthly fee to use the marketing and training system. You may be thinking $125 per month is a little steep but remember, with EMPOWER NETWORK you get 100% COMMISSIONS!!!

So, if you market properly and follow the simple system they have in place, you could gain up to 100 members that you have referred into the marketing system…

100 members X $125 at 100% COMMISSIONS per month = $12,500!!!!

Really folks, this is JUST the tip of the iceburg of what you can do with the marketing system…. And it’s simple! Blog and they will come!!! 😉

In conclusion, if you are looking for a simple and easy way to earn some extra income, click on any of the links above or to the side of this post. You WILL need to do some work but we aren’t talking about back-breaking work here just some blog writing and simple promotion. The possible returns are just out of this world. For more information on this follow the links or click on the following link:


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